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Welcome to Creative Plus

Leading the way in team-building tools for the missions community, Creative Plus has a wide assortment of products to meet your needs. Not sure where to start? Give us a call! We're here to be a resource. Think of us as your own graphic arts department. God's called you to a ministry that fits your skills. Those skills may not include graphic design and printing but ours do! We look forward to serving your ministry and helping you accomplish the task to which God has called you.

What are team-building tools?

Every carpenter has a toolbox at hand from which he can pick out the appropriate tool for the job. As a missionary, one of your tasks is to build your support team. You can count on Creative Plus to provide you with the right tools to acomplish this task effectively. Some will be a part of your prayer base, others will send financial support. You'll have some who keep in touch through their letters, emails and phone calls. But how do you build up that team? What can you do to keep your team members actively involved in your ministry? Maybe a magnet is the best tool to get your ministry front-and-center on their refridgerator. Perhaps you're looking for new team members and need to provide a response mechanism in which case the reply cards are the best tool. No matter what your need is, we've got the tools you need to successfully build your ministry support team.

The World of Missions

Mission Spotlights

Drs. Trent and Tabby Cox, serving in Ethiopia with CVM, use thier skills in veterinary medicine to share the gospel. More…

Partnering with you...

For over 21 years, Creative Plus has partnered with missionaries around the world to bring the gospel to the unreached. More…


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