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Photocards vs. Postcards

The postcard / photocard question comes up all the time. At Creative Plus, we use these terms to distinguish types of printing. It has nothing to do with design, size, layout or product. It's all in the way the product is produced.

Photocards are printed on actual photopaper, similar to what you get back when you take your film in to be developed. This type of printing allows us to provide high quality, full color products in small incremental quantities. It also allows us to turn an order around in a matter of days. Repeat orders can sometimes even ship the same day with photocard products.

Postcards are printed on heavier cardstock, similar to what you get when you pick up a postcard on vacation. This style of printing allows us to provide full color printing on both sides of the card, the heavier paper that some prefer and a great per card price at higher quantities. Postcards take about four weeks to produce.

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