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When Docs & Vets Get Together

Drs. Trent & Tabby Cox serve with Christian Veterinary Mission in Ethiopia

We recently hosted two doctors, Bjarte and David, who were seeking refuge from the heavy and endless workload they are under as foreign surgeons in a zonal government hospital. Tired and weary, the two
doctors wanted to stop in for a few days of R&R. Knowing this; it is never our intention to bother them with medical cases, but sometimes God’s intentions differ.
One evening, while visiting a local family in their hut, I heard from the mother of a young lady we had previously taken to Jinka with a breast lump. The doctor who saw her at that time assured us it was not serious and told the girl to watch it for a few months and to return if it did not go away. I asked Bjarte to take a look. He concluded that it was most likely a benign tumor, but that it should be removed and could be done so easily, involving only a minor surgery. But I did not expect him to say what he said next, “Let us do it here so that she doesn’t have to come to Jinka. I have a small surgical pack for just such things.”
Though our dining table has often served as a surgery table for animals, this was to be my first time to use it for a human surgery! We boiled the instruments and I pulled out some of our own surgical drapes and sterile skin prep packs and various other materials. During the operation, I provided the surgical lighting (flashlight) while Bjarte and David removed the golf ball size mass under local anesthesia. She was a wonderful patient and was extremely grateful for the resolution of something that has been bothering her for 2 years.