Our unique Table Top Displays come in three handy sizes. Draw people to your information table with eye-catching graphics and professional quality images.

The Small display when stretched out is 30"x12". This handy size is great if you plan to do most of your presentations in small, intimate settings like home meetings. It's easy to pack or even carry on an airplane.

The Large display expands to 60"x24" and makes a great eye-catching table at large conferences. This size display is the best option when many of your speaking engagments will have your information table competing for the attention of a crowd.

The Medium display unfolds to 48"x18". Small enough not to dwarf a home setting, yet large enough not to get lost in a crowd, this size display is a great compromise! Though the medium display is the most popluar size, any of the three displays will add real "pop" to your table top and give you the opportunity to present your ministry to those whose eye it catches.

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Display pricing

Full 3 Panel Unit $195 $285 $420
Mounted Graphic $45 $65 $95
2nd Side
(per panel)
$25 $45 $65
Dry Erase $55 - -
Frame Only
Per panel)
$40 $60 $80
Full Panel
(Frame & Mounted Graphic)
$65 $95 $140
Canvas Carry Bag $55 $70 $85
Panel Design
(per panel/side)
$50 $50 $50


Full 3 Panel Unit Includes 3 Mounted Graphics, frames, hinges &
Canvas Carrying Bag (graphic design not included)
Mounted Graphic Your design mounted on hard plastic panel to
insert into frame (graphic design not included)
2nd Side
(per panel)
You can add a 2nd side to any or all of the panels
Dry Erase  
Frame Only
(Per panel)
This is the black framing for a single panel
Full Panel
(Frame & Mounted Graphic)
Includes 1 Frame, 2 hinges
and 1 mounted graphic
Canvas Carry Bag Red = small bag, Blue = medium bag,
Green = Large Bag
Panel Design
(per panel/side)