Team Cards

Specifically designed with a short-term mission team in mind, Team cards are a great way to help your mission team raise the prayer and financial support they need. Each team card features the team photo, an individual photo and contact details, prayer and support information and trip details. While introducing your group project, team cards also emphasize the reason the supporter is involved -- because of the invidual he or she knows.

How does it work?

First, you'll need to take a team photo. If your team is not able to get together for a photo, you'll want to send pictures that represent the project you'll be working on. For example, if your team will be building a new cafeteria for a children's camp, including photos of the camp and kids eating in the old facilities would be a good alternative to a group photo.

Then you'll need to take individual photos. Be sure to collect the names and contact information that each person wants to include on their card. The individual photos need to be renamed with the last name and first name of the subject (ie. smith-john.jpg)

Once you have all your photos and information assembled and submitted, we'll create a proof of one of the cards for your approval. Then once we've gotten the okay, we'll make up the rest of the team cards and post them for you to check over and proof read. Team cards generally are ready to ship the day after you approve them.

For more information, download a PDF brochure about our team cards.